Your proyect

Scheduling a Project

We are a professional painting service. If you want us to do your proyect, we need some information to start with:

1. Name -First and last name. We need to know with whom we are talking and to whom we will ship the models

2. Country -This is for include the shipping cost in your quote and your address to sent you the models.

3. Models -What models do you want painted?. Will you providing them?. Would you like 13RS to get them for you?

4. Magnets -We'll asembling your minis for free (consult our free services), but if you will need magnets or conversion work, please tell us for including it in your quote.

5. Painting quality -Choose the quality whatever you want for each mini or group and the color scheme. Be as much especific as you can, tell us all the details you want, scheme colours, simbols... so we will be able to approach to what you want. We can help and advise you with the colors if you like or have an innovative idea.

We need a deposit to begin with you proyect. During the proyect, we'll sent you pics and you will be able to verify the condition of your order and to ask us what you want. Furthermore, when we finish your proyect, you get the final pictures. When you approve them, final payment is due. When final payment clears we send your models.

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