Free services

Free services

13 Ravens Studio free services are:

1. Assembly

Some models comes on a piece, but some other have two or more parts to assemble. As it is something necesary we don't charge any extra for do this.

2. Clean up the models

This is something basic for have a fine finish on the model, and we are proud on get the best models on each one of our quality levels. From the basic up to the display one we do a surface clean the models/bits of oils, mould lines, and so on.

3. Base coat

Lately there's a lot of painters that charge for the base coat. We think is necesary for paint the model, not only for help to fix the following paint coats, but to get a shiny or darker finish, and as an extra protection.

4. Pin parts

Some models have parts that barely can be kept in it's place, due to the desing of the casters. We fix that for free on any case unless what you want is magnets or something like that.

5. Varnish

As we are very proud of our work, we don't want get the models unprotected, so we always give the models at least two matt varnish coats.

6. Customized base

As we think the base of the model is part of the model, we do for free custom bases of any of our basic ones. If your army has been based on a model we don't have on our basic range, but it's a simple one, tell to us. Also if you want an specific base, that only must be built with sand/grass/flock/gravel, we'll do it too.

We also can do scenery bases, but you must ask for a quote on this case. On High quality we  do simple scenery bases with no extra charge, and on display quality we can do whatever you want.

7. Packaging

We must charge for the shipping cost, first fo all, because we must pay it to our postal services, so we don't do saves on this. We do for free the manipulation, the protection of the models with soft paper, bubble wrap, and a hard box, and the deliverance on our postal service office.