Take a look to our sections and standard services, and don't forget the free one services. Look the way we do convertions, customized bases, personalized scheme colors, and all what you could need for your army, or your display models.

In 13 Ravens Studio we are professional painters specialized on lots of games, and it's armies, despite of the most ordered models are from Games-Workshop, and not only for sci-fi or fantasy models, but historical ones too.

If you want a specific army we could personalize models for you, can do freehand paintjob with simbols of your army, like a chapter, legion, or craftworld for example.

Furthermore, we are specialized on successors chapters, because we think that you may want to have one army based on a determinated game stile, but with a different background than usual. Sometimes it would be only for  the way they looks, and display an original army instead of a classical one.

As all of us really love to paint  miniatures, we try always to do our best work, despite the quality level chosen. In 13 Ravens Studio we have a way of do our paintjob that make the differance, providing professional painted miniatures, protected with at least two coats of matt varnish, getting the best protection for your models and let them ready for play, or display in your home, store or club.

In 13 Ravens Studio, we offer other services than the paintjob commissions. We can strip and/or repaint your older models, fix broken models, change the bases to your models... Whatever you need could be done by any of the professionals of 13 Ravens Studio, following your specifications, giving ideas...

Also we explain how to order a commission, and the free services you could benefit when you'll do it.

In addition, if you have any doubt contact us on, and we'll be more than happy on help you at all.

13 Ravens Staff