Giving colour to your fantasy


We are specialist in customized miniatures. We can turn your minis into a unique creation that only you could get on your own. It's the best chance as to displaying models, like to personalize your Warboss, heroes, squads, regiments. You love the background of your models and they don't display it at all? ask to us so we could give you an army as you only have had on your dreams. The limits are on your own imagination.


For conversion work, you give your guidelines and then we start to work. It is a creative process therefore it requires a great deal of artistic interpretation, so the interaction between the artist and you may be exhaustive and fluid to be able to achieve the goal, that at least is yo could get what indeed you want.


You can also tell us your idea, and let us do it for real, so you could enjoy it ASAP, with a high painting quality, and a professional finish.


Our customers usually congrats our freehand work, from names and texts, up to simbols and drawings.